What Makes You Want to Take Charge?

Some who have a “desire to lead” have this desire due to having a greed of wanting more in life. If that is what you want, is “leading” the way to get you more?

Others have a “desire to lead” to make change, solve a problem.

So what causes you to get to a point where you are tired of following someone else to solve the problem and want to take the helm?

Here are some things to think about the next time you are approached to take the “lead” on something new:

1. Are you skilled to solve the problem at hand?

2. Are you interested in the problem enough where you would do the work unpaid?

3. Do you “gel” with the people you would be working with and leading?

4. Do you have a vision to get from today to tomorrow?

What makes you want to take a lead on something? Drop me a comment!

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2 thoughts on “What Makes You Want to Take Charge?

  1. Desire to make change. Though leadership is seldom what you think it is. If greed is your motivation, trying to become a leader is more often than not a move in the wrong direction as leadership is more about service and sacrifice than gain in many instances.

    I would encourage everyone to take on a true leadership role once in their life, anyplace they can but someplace where they truly have responsibility for driving something forward or making a noticeable change. It is an eye opening experience to sit on that side of the desk and will likely make anyone more empathetic to those who have to lead in the most difficult capacity such as a company or country.

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