Being Prepared for the Unexpected

This post I dedicate to my favorite sales guru, Debbie Mrazek, who shares some tips on what to do when the unexpected happens. Though she tells the tale from a sales angle, the same is true for anything in life.

Day in and day out, things happen that we don’t expect – both bad, but then good for us. Are you prepared for when the unexpected happens? What do you do. Debbie thinks you may

* Scream, grit your teeth, be a grump
* Proclaim that the world is out to get you
* Kick the cat… (you better not! :))


* Embrace it, look for the good – make lemonade

* Consider it a lesson

* Create something new

Hopefully you are on the positive side of the coin (I always tell people I look to take the high road in all situations). So here are Debbie’s three tips to make sure you are prepared for the unexpected:

1. Be not afraid – keep positive
2. Be creative – stay in action – try something different
3. Be open to the good or even the GREAT possibility that can

come from it

What about you – what do you do to embrace the unexpected? Anything happen to you recently you want to share?

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