Are You Ready for 2009??!

2008 is over, thank goodness! But are you ready for new ups and down for 2009?

We cannot predict what is to come and if we are or are not clear of the housing/finance/auto bubble and industry impact trickle effect. However, we can ensure we have ourselves prepared for any curve ball that comes our way this year.

1. Make Sure Your Personal Brand Channels are Up to Date
Is resume up to date not just on your computer but on all the job boards? Is your LinkedIn profile accurate of your recent accomplishments and what you want to tackle next? Blogging or involved in list serves that represent what you enjoy doing for a living? Get your “Personal Brand” house in order ASAP!

2. Deliver Quality, Accountable and On Time Work
You need to set yourself ahead of the pack. The first step to doing this is being proactive in delivering quality work that is on time and within budget. Underperformers will be the first to go when any RIFs happen.

3. Know What Your Boss Expects of You
When did you ask your boss if you are doing what he or she expects of you? What about doing thing that will help him or her continue to build and grow the business or team you are on?

These are just career suggestions to keep you intact or prepared for the unexpected. People are getting RIF’d that are over achievers, so watch out for yourself in these tough times first and foremost.

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