Leader Selection Savvyness

As we have witnessed these last few weeks in national politics, who someone picks to lead has huge implications on the person who picked them, and if progress will truly be made.

So how do you pick and introduce the right person or people to lead a critical project or program so you don’t hurt your credibility and set a positive stage for this new leader to make progress?

1. Already Proved to Walk the Talk
You can’t risk bringing in someone to lead a critical project that doesn’t have the right reputation for execution and follow thru across your company. If you bring in someone from outside your company this person will need to show they have done what you are looking to accomplish via another company.

2. Team Assimilation
Either promoting someone from within to lead a new role, or bringing someone from the outside in to make progress may ruffle some feathers. Especially if there are more senior staff who feel like they deserved the lead role. Have small retreats or meetings to bring the new into the fold of the existing team and if needed bring in an outside facilitator for this “assimilation” meeting.

3. Socializing The New Leader
You need to let your peers and other organizations within your company know about your new leader, why they are qualified to take on the leadership role at hand, and help the new leader make connections that will accelerate getting the job done.

Remember these aspects when you look to pick someone to lead your next big initiative.

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