The Art, and Science, of the Jockey

As the democratic primaries come to a close, and a fun day of ensuring my team’s hard work and thought leadership doesn’t get stolen by others, I thought it was time to post on…

The Art, and Science, of the Jockey

No I’m not talking about becoming a sports athlete, but a business athlete.

What can help you stand out as a great business jockey of all time, versus just being one of the pack? Here are 10 tips to help you win at office politics.

The Art
1. Build Connections
You never know when someone in your company you meet can help position you and/or your team for great things. Or, you help them.

2. Establish Trust via Delivery
Harvest references.

3. Position “The Other” to Be Part of the Solution
Don’t squash the other guy, instead, take the lead on collaborating with the other.

4. Determine Your Allies and Enemies
Nurture the Allies. Try to make the enemies your friends even if it hurts.

5. Guess the Counter Play from “The Other”
Good athletes compete. Great athletes second guess the upcoming moves of “The Other” to stay ahead.

The Science
6. Know Your Team’s/Business Unit’s Statistics
How has your business grown over the last year? What are you tactically doing to continue to grow?

7. Tout What Your Team Does
If you have truely done something before you say you have, prove it.

8. Calculate Your Next Move
How will you ensure your team stays ahead? What’s the plan to stay the course?

9. Stay In Shape by Creating New Opportunities
Or what is known as “blue ocean strategies”.

10. Don’t Over Do It
You need to rest and jockey in moderation, otherwise you’ll burn out and lose the art and science of it all.

Are you ready to play?

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