Leadership Program Examples from the World

After reading an article this morning on a wonderful leadership initiative in Namibia, Africa, I thought I’d do a quick review of some exiciting leadership programs and initiatives from around the world.

Namibia Provides Leadership Training to School Principals
It’s a train the trainer program on vision, empowering and building strong teams with ways to build and improve the skills of teachers involved.

South Eastern Europe EU Leadership Programme
A “boot camp” of sorts to engage young professionals in being leaders in the South Eastern Europe region.

Asia Young Leaders in Governance Initiative
What I found interesting with this program is that it not only has a focus on building “leadership skills” (systems of thinking for transformational change, conflict resolution, negotiation, team building, cross-cultural communication), but also “leadership values” (gender, anti-corruption, people’s rights).

Central America Leadership Initiative
Yet another great initiative, and again, with a focus on “value based leadership” in terms of how one would define a “good society” to live within. What is exciting about this program is that fellows leave with a project to tangibly impact the Central American region.

I hope these inspire you to think globally, create opportunities to build great leaders and to continue to look around the world for ideas.

Any concepts from these inspirational world examples you could apply to impact your ocean?

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