From Fear to Failure, In Public Speaking

Looks like this is the month of failure. Or shall we say fear turning into failure.

So, here are more tips and tricks on getting over that fear to be a grand success:

From Al Coddington:

  • “Possess the Venue” – own the room, move around and run this show
  • Determine the need your audience has and answer it during your delivery

From Dr. Ivan Misner:

  • Prepare
  • Talk about the things you know best
  • Use visuals
  • Remember you are the expert
  • Be creative

And in most tips and tricks by the experts – practice.

PS – If you happen to have a speech you feel like you failed at, do not worry. A few days later reflect on what needs to improve and steps to take next time around, and then find the things that went great – what represents you – to do next time. Remember to be yourself when you speak in public, not someone else.

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