Manager versus Leader

I read a “what do you think” blog post on the Center for Leader Development blog today about the fine difference between “leader” and “leadership”. That got me thinking about the fine difference between “manager” and “leader” and how it relates to effective leadership (and I’ll converse more on leader versus leadership on later posts, stay tuned).

People who work with me know that I hate being called, or calling my leaders, managers. Yes, it is probably in the HR book that they have to be called managers because they have subordinates, but, I want people to feel like they are enablers of others that follow them in executing to reach common goals and objectives.

Hence, I avoid using the word “manager” at all costs when I talk about my team and instead use “leader”. Wouldn’t you rather work with someone known as a leader versus a manager?

So here’s the catch on being known as either – to become known for leading the pack and managing the ship operations to get desired results, you need to be good at both leading and managing, no matter what title you have.

Are you a manager or a leader? Or both? Do you see things differently?

I’ve linked below some more sites and commentary on manager vs. leader to help you further develop your point of view on the difference, if any.

PS – You do not have to be a manager to be a leader. And, I’d love to see all managers be good leaders, but that doesn’t always happen.

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