Rhetoric and Speaking Style – What’s Yours?

Since campaign season involves lots of great, and not so great, orations, it’s time to take a brief look at speeches this season so to learn some tips to apply to your own speeches.

After reading the article on how Obama changed up his speaking style and rhetoric between different events, and that the “style” had more impact on the listener then the words themself, have you ever paid attention to your style and thought about changing the style of delivery based on who you are talking to?

1. Know Your Audience
Remember, I blogged about figuring out your audience recently, so click here for a refresher. Knowing your audience is key in determining what kind of speaking they will be receptive to.

2. Match Your Speaking Style to Your Purpose
Are you trying to inspire the audience? Tell them you are the person or company they can rely on? Or? The purpose behind the speech will help drive you to “how” you will deliver the words behind the purpose. Dr. Kevin Fleming post a great article that dives into this topic further.

3. Who’s Speeches Do You Like?
Do you even know who you like to listen to speak in public? It doesn’t have to be someone famous, but could be your boss, your company’s CEO, a mentor, etc. What do you like about his or her speaking style? Can you detect changing styles based on who he or she is delivering to? Could you incorporate it into how you deliver? If you have a connection with them maybe you can ask him or her for a few tips to help improve your own delivery.

So how are you going to deliver your next speech differently?

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