What’s Your Opportunity MoJo? Part 3 – Passion

So do you do what you love every day? Or, do you love what you do every day?

Better question – do you know what you love to do?

Even better – do you know what you don’t love to do?

No matter what you answered above, you need to build a “passion list” you can reference to help you with determining if you want to take on an opportunity or not. Let’s start.

1. Write down the 20 actions that come to mind that you do daily/weekly/month to “be productive” (i.e. volunteer, generate income, etc. – we are not talking about brushing your teeth or cleaning house) Examples may be “operating a website”, “cold calling”, “managing a team”, etc.

2. Write down up to 20 more actions that you don’t do today but wish you did or could try.

3. Order your list by most passionate activity up top, least passionate on bottom.

4. Review and update your list periodically – either every time a new opportunity comes your way or once every 3-6 months.

Now that you have your list, and a new opportunity, you now need to ask the following:
1. Is that opportunity within the actions on your list? If it is not would it fall above anything on your list? If so, add it.

2. Where on the list does this activity fall – somewhere high or low?

3. If you thought through taking this on, is there an activity lower on the list you can stop doing today so to replace with the new activity?

So, what is number one on your list?

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