Showing, and Feeling, Appreciation

As many of us either move up the ranks or go out on our own, we forget what it is like to be appreciated because instead of us getting the “at a boys” from managers as an individual contributor, we get the “now look what you did” from clients.

So, how do you coupe and make sure you and/or your teams feel great about what they are doing beyond material compensation (that is a starting point, by the way)?

Giving Appreciation

  1. When you are out on vacation and have others manage the helm, send them a snail mail card when you return thanking them for keeping things afloat while away (I highlight snail mail because email is overrated for this type of activity)
  2. At unexpected times tell colleagues to leave early
  3. Take the team out for lunch or happy hour
  4. Compliment colleague in front of peers or other leaders within the company
  5. Promote promote promote (I don’t mean promote by levels, I mean promote with peers the quality and capabilities of someone that deserves recognition)

Feeling Appreciated

  1. Tell someone how much you appreciate them (’nuff said)!

So, who have you appreciated today?

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