What Can I Do for You Today?

When was the last time you asked someone “What Can I Do for You Today?” Or any of the following:

“How Can I Better Serve You?”
“How Can I Help?”
“What Could I Do Differently for You?”
These are questions you should ask frequently to friends (yes your friends will love you!), colleagues, those you manage, and those that manage you. This is a great way, inadvertently, to coach, and to be coached as well.
This is also good to do when you are feeling down or not making any progress on anything. Helping someone else make progress will make help you out of a rut because you are making progress, just on something different. And remember the connecting conversation from yesterday? This is a bit of an excuse to re-connect with someone.
Of course, once you ask that question be ready to commit and do what you say you are going to do.
Now who are you going to ask today?
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